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Phi Square Holdings SA is a proprietary investment company based in Luxembourg.

As investors, we are following strategies which offer high growth potential while displaying low correlation to global markets; strategies that do not yet, or may no longer, attract mass capital.

Information is at the heart of our investment approach, both as a means and as an objective, both as a guide and an object of study.

Phi Square Ventures

Phi SquareVentures

invests in companies and projects in the early stages of their development

Phi Square Capital

Phi SquareCapital

is the capital markets arm of the group

Phi Square Recovery

Phi SquareRecovery

invests in distressed debt and out of favour assets and companies

Phi Square Frontier

Phi SquareFrontier

invests in countries with high growth potential

Phi SquareVentures

Phi Square Ventures is a provider of seed and early stage capital for innovative companies or projects in the various fields of information science.

Our mission is to help innovators and entrepreneurs in the early stage of their company’s development, further empowering them with both capital and experience to take worthwhile risks.

Phi SquareCapital

Phi Square Capital is our investment and trading arm in liquid financial instruments.

We manage our own capital with a widely open mandate, keeping an entrepreneurial and enthusiastic approach to the domains of finance and investments.

Information science, research and technology are at the centre of our investment approach opening the gates to new ways of identifying and capturing value in capital markets.

Phi SquareRecovery

The typical credit cycles in developed economies periodically give rise to increased levels of distressed debt on banks’ and financial institutions’ balance sheets.

As whole areas of the economy suddenly become out of favour, opportunities may emerge for the disciplined and independent thinking investors.

With circa 30 years of experience in distressed asset acquisitions and trading, in various countries and through various cycles, we are well positioned to bring expertise, creativity and flexibility to turn-around and recovery situations

Phi SquareFrontier

Phi Square Frontier is a provider of capital for projects and companies in high growth potential countries, where access to both capital and advanced technologies constitute one of the key vectors to exponential economic development.


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